Serverhouse is proud to have achieved the following accreditations and is a member of the following industry bodies:

ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified Data Centre

ISO9001 Certified

ServerHouse operate a ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2013 certified data centre, demonstrating our commitment to quality management and information security. ISO9001 provides our customers with the assurance that everything we do is audited and of high quality, they can be sure if we provide a service it'll be done well. Additionally and also more importantly if something does go wrong we'll take a measured response to the problem and both improve our processes in future, understand why the problem occured and ensure the customer experience isn't impacted. ServerHouse also operates within the PCI:DSS standard

LINX member

ServerHouse LINX member

The LINX or London Internet Exchange is a member run organisation aimed at improving the UK Internet by enabling ISPs and other large Internet users to directly exchange traffic through peering rather than sending it through upstream or Tier I providers. Our membership shows our commitment to performance and also our pragmatic approach to problems

Carbon Free Power Source

Biomass Generator Certificate

ServerHouse sources its power from Carbon Neutral Biomass provider, this means our power is generated from biomass waste and forms a close carbon loop, rather than adding Co2 to the atmosphere our power providers use biomass which has captured Co2 already in the atmosphere, so when its burnt there is no more Co2 added


RIPE Local Internet Registry

ServerHouse is a RIPE LIR, this means we have our own AS number, multiple upstream peers and can allocate IP ranges to our customers. We're also able to help customers join RIPE so they can have their own IPs which can be part of a high availability solution or simply to release customers from their old providers

European Data Centre Code of Conduct

Data Center Code of Conduct Participant

The EU DC CoC is an industry led voluntary code of conduct on current best practices, by working closely with other operators and interested parties across the EU we are able to benefit from shared knowledge and experience.

Data Centre Alliance

Data Center Alliance Partner

The Data Centre Alliance (DCA) represents the UK data centre industry, ServerHouse were a pioneering member joining during its infancy, a key stearing industry lead and critical to the security of UK Data centre operations.

HM Government G Cloud Supplier

ServerHouse is an approved supplier of services through the UK Governments G Cloud frame work, the frame work enables suppliers to offer modular off the shelf packaged products to UK government institutions for cost effective, scalable cloud applications.

G Cloud Supplier

Cyber Essentials - Approved

ServerHouse has passed the stringent HM Government Cyber Essentials security assement and either meets or exceeds it. This verifies how seriously we take information security and is a critical qualification for any Cloud services provider

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