A Flexible Approach to Colocation

Historically data centre space is sold on power and space, this has two down sides; firstly you would have to buy your space in advance often limiting future expansion and creating a high point of entry, secondly you would often run out of power before you ran out of space or visa-versa.

At ServerHouse we provide a flexible and effective alternative to colocation by offering rack space on a power only basis. In other words you pay for the power you use and not the rack space.

While using Pay for Power you will still benefit from the same level of service as other clients as well as our additional support services, including tape rotation, off site backup and service monitoring. To find out more please contact us to speak to a member of our team.

key benefits +
  • Dedicated individual, secure rack cells
  • Dedicated power supply (own breaker)
  • Unique key
  • 100/1000Mb IP connection
  • IP Address's as required
  • Highly resilient environment
  • Full co-location service
  • Free reboots 24x7
  • Free 1st hour remote hands 24x7
  • Pay for what you use, nothing more
  • Online Portal

Example Pricing

Rack Space Set-up Min cost Power included Extra kW/h Bandwidth Used Bandwidth Cost
11U £375 £110 220kW/h 50p 3TB £0
15U £475 £150 300kW/h 50p 3TB £0
23U £475 £230 460kW/h 50p 10TB £210
47U £475 £470 940kW/h 50p 100TB £1940

Min charge is per month and based on 7kW/h per month per U. Bandwidth and power is billed on the monthly total, payment is monthly in arrears. Maximum power is 2kW after which is becomes cost effective to change to our normal package. Advertised pricing is based on a 36 month contract.

How it Works

  1. Advise us of your immediate space needs
  2. Pay the set-up costs
  3. We provide you with a private rack cell (with headroom)
  4. We provide you with a 100Mb/s IP connection and IP address's
  5. We include 3TB of bandwidth per month
  6. You install your hardware
  7. We provide a customer portal showing bandwidth and power usage
  8. We bill you at the end of the month for bandwidth and power used

A Little Extra Help?

ServerHouse have provided solutions for both experienced IT companies and inexperienced users, we are able to support customers at all levels

  • Racking assistance
  • Airflow management and advice
  • Space optimization
  • Loading assistance
  • Hardware advice
  • Efficient storage options
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