Colocation or Server Relocation service

If you're considering changing data centre but you're put off by the technical challenge, let ServerHouse take the strain for you. We provide a variety of migration solutions from server hardware migration to full transparent application level seamless migration.

ServerHouse have a wealth of experience in transparently managing, monitoring and maintaining a variety of IT systems. Over the last 15 years our team has developed, deployed, upgraded and moved hundreds of systems. Whether you have a simple server or a data halls of unique systems and services - we can help.

ServerHouse undertakes a rigorous inventory of the current installation both from a software, hardware and also IP traffic perspective. This ensures a complete picture of the installed capability is gained enabling a smooth migration. Using technologies like VPN's ServerHouse is then able to separate the physical migration from the IP re-numbering an achieve a controlled changeover running both IP connections in parallel with quick and easy roll back should anything unanticipated happen.

We survey the technology to ensure a complete picture before migration, we anticipate hardware problems and use temporary servers to protect data and service availability

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  • Turn key migration
  • Physical moves
  • Application moves
  • IP changes / DNS changes
  • Transparent migration
  • No service impact
  • Hassle free
  • Co-operative approach
  • Server rationalisation
  • Fixed price service
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