24x7 Telephone support Services

Our NOC is manned 24x7 and can provide contact centre and network management services. Our staff are trained, experienced, professionals with excellent technical knowledge. Through close integration with client's we offer fully branded support or management.

Our NOC has been providing support services to SME's for over 10 years, we adopt and integrate with a clients own systems to provide a seamless and transparent service to their clients when their own offices are closed. We can manage extensive networks and monitoring systems, internal escalations, underlying carrier fault reporting and SLA management. .

We can monitor the simplest to the most complex systems, we have real people available 24x7 to diagnose, re-act, resolve response and rescue - Our solutions are bespoke to your needs

Contact centre

Our NOC would take your client calls outside your office hours, this gives you clients a 24x7 technical helpdesk, this would typically involve

  • We integrate relevant IT and telephony systems using strict security controls .
  • Outside your normal hours of operation we support your customers
  • Answering incoming calls
  • Responding to tickets
  • Replying to e-mails
  • Managing on going faults

Network Management

With our network management solution, we'll monitor and manage your network 24x7, we'll respond to faults via a pre-prescribed approach, contact carriers, data centres, customers and on call engineers to ensure your business is monitored 24x7

  • We escalate faults
  • We deal with your suppliers
  • We check monitoring systems for problems
  • Hand off to on call engineers
  • Respond to problems
  • Provide an ever present technical presence
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