Dish Colocation, Data centre roof space

At ServerHouse our Teleport has been uplinking since 1999 and with space available for multiple antenna we are able to provide competitively priced ground station hosting for your dish, antenna be it for satellite uplink, DVB-T2 Satellite TV reception or a wireless microwave link.

Dish colocation, ground station hosting, satellite hosting or just a data centre with roof space. Whatever the requirement ServerHouse's Teleport can accommodate a wide range of antenna. We host our dishes at ground level inside our secure walled facility, adjacent to our data pods. This makes installation much easier, quicker and safer

Your dish can be easily interconnected to your servers or rack in one of our Data centres or uplinked directly to the Internet. We can provide a complete turn key solution including transcoding IP TV streams to clients needs.
We can install and manage the antenna and provide trained local VSAT staff.

Key Benefits

  • Space immediately available
  • Northern European Dish housing
  • IP TV transcoded/encoded streams - to client requirements
  • Antenna from 0.9M to 9.8M
  • Simple, local rack interconnect
  • Easy installation
  • H.264 or MPEG2 encoding
  • No planning permission
  • Vacant footings available
  • 16,000sqM secure site
  • Excellent access, quiet radio environment
  • N+N Power Systems with Generator
  • 1 hours UPS protection
  • Exceptional ground connectivity
  • Low set-up costs
  • Services from £75 per month
Commonly received Satellites
  • 10.0E EUTELSAT W1 . Europe
  • 11.0W EXPRESS A3
  • 12.5W ATLANTIC BIRD 1 . Europe
  • 13.0E HOTBIRD 6,8,9 . Europe, Middle East
  • 19.2E ASTRA 1F,1G,1H,1KR,1L,1M . Europe
  • 22.0W NSS 7 . North Africa, Europe
  • 23.5E ASTRA 1E,3A . Europe
  • 26.0E BADR 6 . Europe, Africa (C-Band)
  • 27.5W INTELSAT 907
  • 31.5W INTELSAT 801
  • 5.0W ATLANTIC BIRD 3 . Africa, Europe, Middle America (C-Band)
  • 7.0E EUTELSAT W3A . Europe
  • 72.0E INTELSAT 4 . Europe
  • 9.0E EUROBIRD 9 . Europe
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