Business Community Internet

We aim to fill a void in the market, to provide fast, reliable, cost effective broadband where others don't, if BT can't help, we can. No business should miss out on broadband.

Our nano exchanges are installed in business parks to provide 1000Mb/s fully syncronous Interenet. Providing businesses with market leading speed and prices.
We invest upfront confident that the service we provide will be market leading for years, customers will enjoy the benefits today.

Our comminuty Internet aims to provide Internet where it is not, affordable services where there are none and speed and capacity where it doesn't exist.

Key features

  1. Speeds from 50 to 1000Mb
  2. Fully monitored
  3. Optional VoIP
  4. Choice of SLAs
  5. Free survey, quotes and install
  6. No set-up costs
  7. Low Latency
  8. Performance promise
  9. UK 24x7 support.

Who we normally help?

  1. Business parks without FTTC
  2. Rural Businesses
  3. New builds
  4. Narrowing the jump between ADSL and a leased line
  5. People using bonded ADSL

We don't provide Business broadband, this isn't ADSL, there is no 'up to', this is reliable quality Internet with a 100% performance commitment.

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