24x7 IT Support Solutions

At ServerHouse we have a team of experienced IT profesionals operating 24x7. We can offer assistance to companies large and smalland project support to IT support providers.

We can provide 24x7 surveillance of your IT system to ensure it continues running smoothly and without interruption.

If there is an issue we don’t just alert you of the problem, we have fully trained technical staff onsite to fix it. We also work to prevent any issues from arising in the first place by thoroughly assessing your IT systems, establishing possible risks, and then monitoring and managing those risks to detect and avoid any service interruption. Our service also includes the option to field calls from your customers on your behalf.

If you require overnight works or large complex configurations our team can provide services while you sleep, including hardware migration, virtualisation and product support

Our varied response services can be customized by you to suit your business requirements and budget and they needn't be hosted in a ServerHouse Data centre. Contact us today to find out more.

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